The Telegraph

11th December 2018

… And for the truly special Christmas gift, how about something made from poodle wool? Montagu Matysik ( – offering “uncompromising craftsmanship, startling whimsy” – is a collaboration between Georgina Montagu and designer Marko Matysik. They create accessories for wool shorn from named poodles (try the Dougal bag, £860, or the Polly Phone Case, £360 – thank you Dougal, thank you Polly), Alternativley, order a bespoke piece made from your own dog’s fur …


Spur Japan

12th January 2019

A friend from London, Marko Matysik, has announced the line "Montague Matysik" (Montagu Matysik ), a small item that can be enjoyed between dogs and humans. Marko is a multi-artist who is a stylist, beauty and sustainability journalist, illustrator and accessory designer. His business partner, Georgina Montagu, has lived in Japan and is a journalist in the art and architecture fields. The material of the collection, which goes from collar to lead to bag, is how poodle's hair is cut!


The Week

19th January 2019

And for those who have everything…
Forget cashmere – the latest luxury goods are made from poodle wool. Georgina Montagu and Marko Matysik craft accessories from the fur of individual, named poodles, like the Dougal bag; or you can commission a bespoke product from your own pet’s fur.